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Advisory Board/Commission Application

  1. Qualifications: All positions require residency within the Town of Windsor, and some positions require a particular area of experience or vocation.
  2. Additional information can be found on the Town’s website under Boards and Commissions or contact the Town Clerk’s office at (970) 674-2404. Candidates will be invited to an interview with the Town Board and appointments are made by the Town Board as a whole.
  3. Do you currently serve, or have you served previously, on a board or commission, including in the Town of Windsor?
  4. Have you attended a meeting of the board or commission you are applying to or talked to anyone currently on the board?
  5. Are you available and committed to attending meetings?
  6. All applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the board or commission for which they are applying.
  7. The Town of Windsor will make reasonable accommodations for access to Town services, programs, and activities and will make special communication arrangements for persons with disabilities. Please call (970) 674-2400 for assistance.
  8. I certify that all statements on this form are true and complete. I further understand that false statements shall be sufficient cause for rejection of this application or for grounds to apply the penalty provisions of the Code of Ethics.
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