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Sponsorship Registration

  1. Thank you for your commitment to making Windsor a great place to work & play. Please fill out the following form to begin to finalize your sponsorship.
    If you have specific questions about sponsorships, please contact Luke Bolinger
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  3. Sponsorship Opportunities
  4. Please select the type of FACILITY sponsorship in which your business/organization is interested:
  5. Please select the type of COMMUNITY EVENT sponsorship in which your business/organization is interested:
  6. Terms of Agreement
    Terms of Agreement This agreement is effective from the day payment is made from the Sponsor to the Town of Windsor and shall remain effective until the completion date of the selected sponsorship opportunity. This agreement defines the terms under which the Town of Windsor Parks, Recreation & Culture and Sponsor enter into a sponsorship agreement.
  7. Limited License
    The Town of Windsor grants the sponsor a limited license to use any of the artwork or information for the purpose of promoting the facility/event and linking to the event website. Sponsor grants the Town of Windsor a limited license to use sponsor’s logo in event promotional material and on Town operated websites.
  8. Miscellaneous
    This Agreement shall become effective on the date submitted and will remain in effect until all responsibilities set out are fulfilled.
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