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Goathead Grubbers

  1. Goathead Grubbers
  2. About this Opportunity

    Calling all families! 

    This is a great volunteer opportunity for the whole family to help the Town with one of our peskiest chores. When you sign up for this opportunity, you'll receive instructions about how to find, identify, and remove 'goatheads'. These large weeds have thorns that can get into bike tires and pet paws if they aren't removed in time. You'll also receive a kit with the tools you need to safely remove, or 'grub' the goatheads. 

    This is an independent volunteer opportunity that you can do in your free time.

  3. A staff member kneels next to a large goathead weed.
  4. We will contact you at this email address with more information about volunteering to be a Goathead Grubber. 

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