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Treasure Island Garden Attendant

  1. Position:
    Treasure Island Garden Attendant
  2. Work Area:
    Treasure Island Demonstration Garden 1560 7th Street Windsor, CO
  3. Reports to:
    Master Gardener; Town Forester
  4. Department:

    Town of Windsor Museums, Parks, Recreation & Culture

  5. Time Required:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings 9:00am to 12:30pm; flexible hours; Garden open from April through early fall, depending on weather
  6. Purpose of the Position:
    Garden Attendants are responsible for caring for and maintaining Windsor’s Treasure Island Demonstration Garden.
  7. General Functions:
    Maintain healthy foliage in and around the garden by trimming, pruning, harvesting, watering, mulching and weeding. Help design and install new plantings in garden beds. Remove non-native, invasive or harmful plants or weeds as they appear. Help regulate watering schedules based on plant needs and current weather patterns. When possible and as needed, use your own method of transportation to assist with off-site or remote tasks or projects. Harvesting, preparing and delivering produce to community centers. Perform light grounds maintenance when required such as litter pick-up surrounding the garden. Report public hazards or emergencies as required. Ensure safety regulations and procedures are followed.
  8. Other Duties:
    Work with leader to analyze, discuss and make garden improvements. Opportunity to participate in a focus activity if desired.
  9. Supervisory Duties:
    This position has no supervisory duties.
  10. Minimum Age:
    18 years; a parental consent form is required for those volunteers under the age of 18
  11. Job Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Ability
    Experience with gardening considered an asset, but is not mandatory. Willingness to learn, teamwork and a passion for plants is vital. Volunteers must be able to communicate with customers and town staff in a friendly, positive manner and enforce town policies with composure. Volunteers must be dependable and able to work individually or as part of a team.
  12. Working Environment: Physical Activities
    Most of the time is spent outside in all weather conditions. Activates include, but are not limited to, sitting, walking, lifting, bending and standing.
  13. Date Revised:
    July 2019
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