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Museum Exhibition Committee Volunteer

  1. Position:
    Museum Exhibition Committee Volunteer
  2. Work Area:
    Art & Heritage Center, Boardwalk Park Museum
  3. Reports to:
    Museum Curator
  4. Department:

    Town of Windsor Museums, Parks, Recreation & Culture

  5. Time Requirement
    Must be able to attend monthly Exhibition Committee Meetings and help coordinate at least one exhibition per year.
  6. Purpose of the Position:
    The Town of Windsor Museums is always seeking creative volunteers who are passionate about history, art or education to help plan, create, and install exciting new exhibitions at the Town of Windsor Museums.
  7. General Functions:
    Attend monthly meetings. Brainstorm and present ideas within a group setting. Assist with exhibition installation and removal. Conduct research on exhibitions. Use art skills, carpentry skills, historic era interest, creative vision or education experience to help bring exhibits to life.
  8. Other Duties:
    Opportunity to volunteer in other aspects of museum work as desired.
  9. Supervisory Duties:
    This position has no supervisory duties.
  10. Minimum Age:
    18 years; a parental consent form is required for those volunteers under the age of 18
  11. Job Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Ability
    Experience in museum work is considered an asset, but is not mandatory. Willingness to learn, teamwork and passion for history are vital. Volunteers must be able to follow instructions carefully, pay close attention to details, think creatively and complete assigned tasks on time. Volunteers may be expected to help research local history and museum artifacts and provide written and verbal communication.
  12. Working Environment: Physical Activities
    Most time will be spend indoors at Art & Heritage Center. Activities include, but are not limited to, sitting, walking, lifting, bending and standing. Ability to climb a ladder is an asset, but not mandatory. Ability to climb stairs is also preferred as the museum collections are located on the second floor of a non-accessible historic building.
  13. Date Revised:
    July 2019
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