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Museum Education Volunteer

  1. Position:
    Museum Education Volunteer
  2. Work Area:
    Art & Heritage Center, Boardwalk Park Museum
  3. Reports to:
    Museum Education Coordinator
  4. Department:

    Town of Windsor Museums, Parks, Recreation & Culture

  5. Time Required:
    Flexible schedule depending on role, museum programs, and time of year
  6. Purpose of the Position:
    The Town of Windsor Museums is always seeking volunteers who are passionate about history, art, or education to help with programming for the different museum sites. Education volunteers make history come to life for kids, adults and groups of all ages! From delivering school tours and group talks to answering questions and creating a welcoming environment for visitors, education volunteers contribute in a meaningful way to the educational mission of the museums. Enjoy yearly volunteer appreciation events, going behind-the-scenes of local history and becoming a part of the museum’s passionate community of volunteers!
  7. General Functions:
    Provide tours of Boardwalk Park Museum to groups of all ages. Facilitate school tours by providing interpretive talks in Boardwalk Park Museum. Engage with visitors informally in the historic Boardwalk Park buildings, sometimes with objects from the museum’s Education Collection. Assist with preparation of materials for educational programs.
  8. Other Duties
    Opportunities are available to participate in Exhibitions Committee and/or training sessions on local history and interpretation.
  9. Minimum Age
    18 years; a parental consent form is required for those volunteers under the age of 18
  10. Job Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    Experience in museum work or teaching is considered an asset, but not mandatory. Willingness to learn, teamwork and passion for history are vital. Volunteers must be able to follow instructions carefully, pay close attention to details and act as a good steward of the museum. Public speaking experience, or the desire to learn to speak to groups of people is important. Volunteers will work individually, as well as in teams.
  11. Working Environment – Physical Activities
    Time will be split between indoors in museum facilities and outdoors around Boardwalk Park Museum. Historic buildings at Boardwalk Park Museum have no electricity and can be very hot or very cold inside. Activities may include, but are not limited to, sitting, walking, lifting, bending and standing.
  12. Date Revised:
    July 2019
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