Do I need a license to conduct any business in Windsor?

The Town of Windsor requires that any entity with a physical presence engaged in business within the town limits obtain a Business/Sales Tax License. This includes businesses making retail sales, wholesalers, and businesses that provide services only. A business with more than one establishment engaged in business in the Town would also need to obtain a separate license for each location.  The license is an annual license based on the calendar year and does not transfer from one location to another, nor does it transfer to new owners.  

The term “engaged in business” includes, but is not limited to, the following acts or methods of transacting business:

  1. Maintaining within the Town, directly or indirectly or by a subsidiary, an office, building, structure, store, distributing house, salesroom or a house, warehouse, mobile vendor, or other place of business;
  2. Maintaining within the Town an office for employees, agents, or commissioned sales persons to solicit business or to install, assemble, repair, service, or assist in the use of its products, or for demonstration or other reasons;
  3. Owning, leasing, renting, or otherwise exercising control over real or personal property within the Town;
  4. Make more than one (1) delivery into the Town within a twelve-month period.

Service-only businesses may include:

daycare providers, physicians or dentists, bookkeepers, insurance agents, home healthcare providers, all therapists, pet sitters and groomers, cosmetologists and barbers, painters, roofers, contractors, construction companies, realtors, etc.

Any entity without a physical presence, making retail sales within Windsor’s taxing jurisdiction is not required to obtain a Windsor license but must obtain a state standard retail license through the State of Colorado Department of Revenue.

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1. Do I need a license to conduct any business in Windsor?
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