What do I do if my pet goes missing?

The Town of Windsor has Municipal Codes governing dogs, and those can be found in the Windsor Municipal Code Chapter 7. Because of the codes regarding dogs at large, our officers will pick up dogs found to be roaming without their owners. If the dog has an identification tag, the officer will attempt to contact the owner. If this is unsuccessful or the owner cannot pick up the dog immediately, the dog will be taken to Garden Valley Vet Clinic. Before the owner or responsible party can claim the dog at Garden Valley Vet, they will need to come to the Police Department with a photo ID to obtain the necessary paperwork. An owner of a missing dog can call the Police Department to report it missing and we will notify the officers to be on the look-out. If the dog is located by the owner, we ask that they also notify us, so that we will no longer look for the dog. The Town of Windsor does not have codes regarding cats at large, so officers will not pick them up.

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