Flood Preparedness

What Contributes to Local Flooding?

The National Weather Service typically categorizes flooding into three types:

  • River flooding - resulting from heavy rain and /or thunderstorms combined with rapid snow melt. Rains can saturate land and increase runoff.  When combined with melting snow pack that may be increased by warm temperatures, river levels can rise drastically.  Usually this type of flooding is more predictable. (see Colorado's Snow Pack Report)
  • Flash flooding - resulting from a dangerous rise in water levels in creeks, washes, canyons or dry land areas. They typically strike with little warning and can last minutes or hours with significant destruction.

**Flood waters can carry debris and other contaminates as well as hide obstacles. Fast moving currents are unpredictable. Stay OUT of flood waters!

Do You Have a Plan?

If You Fail to plan you can Plan to fail.  Planning is essential during emergencies; and failure to do so is costly - in all aspects.  Being prepared means that a plan is in place that helps you obtain access to necessary resources and can sustain your well being if you are on your own for 72 hours or more.  Being prepared and having a plan can also provide peace of mind that comes from confidence in what actions to take if the need arises. Planning at the community, family and individual level can help reduce fear, anxiety and loss that can accompany disasters. (source ReadyColorado)

As you prepare your plan, think about what personal items you might need, such as:

  • cell phone and charger
  • batteries
  • weather radio
  • flashlights
  • first aid kit
  • important papers
  • water
  • food
  • medications
  • personal hygiene items
  • cleansing cloths
  • pet needs

How Can You Stay Informed?

The best way to stay informed is to sign up for alerts and monitor sites that can assist you.

LETA 911

Emergency alerts - Windsor partners with the Larimer County Emergency Telephone Authority (LETA) for emergency notifications. You can register for free, even if you live in the Weld County portion of Windsor, and receive email, text or phone call alerts.

Town of Windsor

Town of Windsor - Get Connected! with Windsor through Notify Me! website posts or social media.

Other Resources