Cemetery FAQ's

Questions and Answers
Who do I contact if I wish to schedule a funeral?
You should contact Town Hall at 970-674-2400 in case you wish to schedule a funeral.

Can more than one person be buried in one space?
One traditional burial (casket), and one (1) cremated remains may be buried in the same space. If you wish, up to four cremated remains may be placed in one burial space.

What dimensions can my headstone be?
A foundation size must be smaller than 48" by 30". The stone must be small enough so that there is a 2 inch border made by the foundation around the stone.

What kind of decorations are allowed?
You may plant live flowers within the actual boundaries of the interment site, not to exceed 18 inches from the memorial.

You may place artificial flowers in a metal vase at anytime. The metal vase must be set in cement with a maximum 3 inch border and within 6 inches of the memorial.

The placement of an perennial, shrub, evergreen, tree, or rose in prohibited except with approval by the Cemetery Technician. The Town of Windsor reserves the right to remove any overgrown or unapproved plantings.

The placing of boxes, shells, stones, boulders, toys, metal designs, ornaments, chairs, vases, glass, urns, fences, wood, metal or plastic borders, temporary grave markers or similar articles upon lots shall not be permitted.

The Town reserves the right to remove any decoration deemed detrimental to the appearance, or work to be done in the cemetery. 

Who do I contact if I wish to find a family member already interred in the Lakeside Cemetery?
You should contact Town Hall with questions about funerals or previous burials.