Board & Commission Vacancies

Windsor Residents Are Encouraged to Apply

Periodically, the Town of Windsor recruits motivated, civic-minded citizens to assist our community through voluntary service on local Advisory Boards and Commissions. The Town Board appoints all board and commission members. 

Available Positions   

Applications are currently being accepted for the following positions: 
  • Windsor’s Board of Adjustments which has one regular, four-year position available. The term expires in September 2025.
  • Historic Preservation Commission has one regular, 3-year position and one alternate, 3-year position available. The term expires in March 2025.
  • Downtown Development Authority has one regular, three-year term expiring in June 2024.
  • Planning Commission has one regular, 4-year position available. There is also one alternate, 4-year position available. The terms for both will expire in March 2026.
  • The Tree Board has two regular positions available. One will serve a three-year term expiring in September 2024. One will serve a four-year term expiring in September 2025.
  • Water and Sewer board has three regular positions available. All will serve a five-year term expiring in March 2027.

To Apply

Windsor residents interested in this opportunity must submit an application. Applications can be submitted via email or by mail to Town Clerk, 301 Walnut Street, Windsor, CO  80550. For questions please contact Town Clerk Karen Frawley at 970-674-2404. Applications will be accepted until February 11, 2022. 

Youth Advisory Board Positions

Youth interested in this opportunity must must submit an application. Applications can be submitted via email or by mail to Town Clerk, 301 Walnut Street, Windsor, CO  80550.