Public Hearing

Upon submitting a complete liquor / beer application, the Town Clerk’s Office will schedule a Public Hearing before the Windsor Liquor Licensing Authority. The Public Hearing date will be set not less than 30 days from the date of the submission of the complete application, per Colorado Revised Statutes.

The Public Hearing date is scheduled by the Town Clerk and published in the local newspaper 10 days prior to the hearing. The applicant must also post Public Hearing information, which will be provided by the Town Clerk, in public view on the property that is being licensed.

Public Hearing Process
The Liquor Licensing Authority will take no action on any application unless the applicant is present at the Public Hearing.

The Public Hearing will be called to order by the Windsor Liquor Licensing Authority. The Town Clerk will then advise the Authority on the completeness of the application and date of its receipt. As the applicant, you should bring a complete copy of the application with attachments to the Public Hearing with you.

Following the remarks from the Town Clerk, the Chief of Police will report on his investigation and examination of the premises. Should negative information be contained in the Chief’s report the applicant will be afforded an opportunity to present evidence via testimony or other means to attempt to counteract this negative information.

The Authority will ask the applicant to establish that the reasonable requirements of the neighborhood demonstrate a need for the issuance of the license. At this point the applicant should present any petition, letters of support or other evidence which demonstrate this need.

The Authority will ask for public comment, if any, from the adult inhabitants of the neighborhood concerning the application. The applicant will be afforded an opportunity to make comment on any statements made by members of the public. You should be fully prepared to answer any questions put to you at any stage of the Public Hearing.

At the conclusion of the Public Hearing the Authority may take immediate action on the application or delay action until a later time. Action on the application must occur within 30 days of the Public Hearing.