Sign Permit

Windsor's sign regulations help keep the town's corridors free of clutter, provide an attractive streetscape for visitors, and maintain equitable advertising. Because signs are an important way to help identify businesses, subdivisions, and other aspects of our community, it's important to understand the Town of Windsor's Municipal Code requirements before installing temporary and / or permanent signage. Sign regulations are outlined the Municipal Code. Helpful links to pertinent code include Section 14: Land Use Code and Administration, Article XVII, and Section 15-17-10.

Permanent Signs

Permanent signs include, but are not limited to, building mounted signs, freestanding structures, and those that are not of a temporary nature. The following documents supplement the Municipal Code and provide information about your permanent sign permit needs:

Building Mounted Signs (PDF)

Freestanding Sign (PDF) 

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs include, but are not limited to, banners, teardrops, H-frame signs, and any other signs that are not of a permanent nature (not including those signs advertising the sale or lease of the property). The following documents  supplement the Municipal Code and provide information about temporary sign application needs:

Temporary sign application (PDF)

Temporary sign brochure/handout (PDF)

If you have questions regarding signs, please contact the Planning team at 970-674-2439.