Strategic Projects

The Northern Integrated Supply Project

The Northern Integrated Supply Project is a water-storage project that will help Front Range communities meet future water needs, while also implementing protections for the environment and wildlife, creating new recreation opportunities. The NISP partnership will provide the Town of Windsor and 14 other water providers in Northern Colorado with the water needed to maintain a high-quality way of life and thriving community.

NISP will provide water for families to bathe their kids, prepare healthy meals and provide sanitation necessary for everyday life, all while protecting and enhancing the environment we all love.

Experts agree that NISP meets high standards of environmental and social responsibility, concepts that are core Windsor community values. Experts analyzed 16 individual project concepts with 215 potential elements and agreed that NISP is the best solution to supply Northern Colorado with this critical resource, all while providing a net environmental benefit.

Visit the NISP website for additional information and resources.