There are three separate water providers serving the Town of Windsor: North Weld County Water District, the City of Greeley, and Fort Collins - Loveland Water District. Through an intensive testing process involving the Town of Windsor and these three entities, we have achieved a level of water purity that is compliant with all federal and local regulations, ensuring water safety and quality in your home and the in the community as a whole. Learn more in the Annual Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).

2022 Water Consumption Rates

February 2022  Update 

While preparing for the 2022 water rate increase, staff identified an administrative error which prevented the 2021 water rates from being applied. As a result, instead of implementing the $17.52 base rate for potable water for single family homes, rates remained at the 2020 rate of $16.22.

Windsor’s Town Board adopted resolution 2022-06 at the regularly scheduled meeting on Feb. 14 to address this error. The resolution reduced the proposed rate increase for 2022. 

Although our error did not have a negative financial impact for our customers, we do apologize for the confusion and not properly carrying out the plans we created and communicated. We are reviewing our administrative processes to identify what went wrong and how we can prevent it moving forward. 

View our letter to customers and  news release including frequently asked questions for more information.

Water Rates Chart for Single familyWindsor’s Town Board approved water rates for 2022. Potable water rates are increasing by eight percent to fund operations and maintenance of the current potable water infrastructure, as well as fund the improvements needed to continue to secure Windsor’s water supply for the future. The monthly rate increase will go into effect February 1, 2022 and will be reflected on the March 2022 utility bills.

Town board approved a 10 percent flat rate/base fee increase for the sewer system, effective February 1, 2022. Windsor’s Water and Sewer Board voted and unanimously agreed to recommend the fee increase to town board at their October 13 meeting.

Local businesses and residents that utilize Windsor’s water fill station at the Public Services campus, 922 North 15th St., will see a rate increase for bulk potable water starting January 1, 2022. The current rate is $7.40 per 1,000 gallons of water and was set in February 2020. The new rate is $15 per 1,000 gallons. In case of an emergency or severe drought, the Town of Windsor reserves the right to discontinue this service.

All municipal utility charges shall be calculated in accordance with the specific rate established by ordinance, resolution, or policy as adopted by the Town Board and applicable to each municipal utility or service provided to a customer.

The Town of Windsor regularly reviews its rates and makes adjustments to reflect the cost of providing safe and reliable water to Windsor Utility customers. In order to ensure that rates charged by Windsor’s Water Utility are fair and equitable, the Town of Windsor conducts regular cost-of-service studies which help identify operational expenses associated with the delivery of services. The town does not profit from utility services. 

Consumer Confidence Report

Through an intensive testing process involving Fort Collins, Greeley, the Northern Weld County Water District and the Town of Windsor, we have achieved a level of water purity that is meets or exceeds all federal and local regulations, ensuring water safety and quality in your home and in the community. Learn more about Windsor’s water quality, in the Annual Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)

The 2018 Water Report (PDF) provides a snapshot of Windsor's water past, present and future, and explains the complexities of water resources in the Town of Windsor.

Water Pressure Zones

The Water Pressure Zone Map (PDF) depicts the town's pressure zones and the existing and purposed water lines within the town's Water Service Area. The main function of the Water Pressure Zone Map is to identify the water pressure zones and to integrate the planned water line network with the existing water line network so that it functions efficiently within the town's water service area.