Employee Recognition

Our more than 200 full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees serve our community and greatly contribute to making Windsor a great place to live, work, and play.

Each of the individuals listed here are recipients of at least one of our 2019 employee recognition awards, a result of a peer nomination for going above and beyond normal job responsibilities and embodying our core values — Producing Results, Responsibility, Integrity, Dedication, and Exceptional Service (PRIDE).

Pride of Windsor Awards

2019 Pride of the Month Achievement

Recognizing employees whose actions make an impact on the “local level” either in their own department or another department.

  • January – Rhonda McCracken, IT Analyst
  • February – Susannah Vargas, Records Specialist Tech
  • March – Erin Porter, Admin Specialist – Utilities
  • April – Thomas Law, Police Detective
  • May – Clara Steingart, Police Officer
  • June – Ryan Phelps, IT Analyst
  • July – Lauren Manicone, Guest Services Coordinator
  • August – Rachael Stefanich, Recreation Coordinator
  • September – Shaundra Ray, Lifeguard & Swim Instructor
  • October – Logan Anderson, Recreation Coordinator
  • November – Debbie Dressel, Sales Tax Technician
    & Penni Nolan, Accounting Coordinator
  • December – Gwen McFadden, IT Analyst

2019 Pride of the Quarter Achievement

Recognizing employees who made an impact within the organization or the community.

  • 1st Quarter - Christian Rodman, Custodian, and Mary Alvarado, Custodian
  • 2nd Quarter - Ray Melendez, Facility Specialist
  • 3rd Quarter - Jessica McHugh, Communications Coordinator
  • 4th Quarter - Scott Tometich, GIS Coordinator, Mike Menand, GIS Technician, and Sandra Mezzetti, Planner 1

Pride of Windsor Annual Achievement

An employee who made a significant contribution to the organization and/or the community.

  • Kimberly Overholt, Communications Manager

2019 Longevity Awards

Recognizing and celebrating employees who have served
the community as a Town of Windsor employee for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 35 years.

5 Years of Service

  • John Grashorn, Police Officer
  • Dillon Walker, Police Officer
  • Ian McCargar, Town Attorney
  • Erin Porter, Admin Specialist-Utilities
  • Gavin Rawlings, Police Officer
  • Paul Hornbeck, Senior Planner
  • Thomas Law, Police Detective
  • Mike Lucero, Customer Service Manager
  • Omar Herrera, Engineering Manager
  • Desa Blair, Civil Engineer
  • Caitlin Heusser, Museum Curator
  • Robin Volner, Permit Technician
  • Kim Johnson, Admin Assistant

10 Years of Service

  • Pam Caivano, Municipal Court Clerk
  • Robert Shainline, Police Sergeant
  • Joshua Dunworth, Police Officer

15 Years of Service

  • Kendra Martin, Operations/Facility Manager

20 Years of Service

  • Bobby Warner, Recreation Supervisor
  • Scott Ballstadt, Director of Planning

30 Years of Service

  • Charwon Walter, PW Supervisor-Utilities
  • Debbie Dressel, Sales Tax Technician

35 Years of Service

  • Dennis Markham, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent